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Upcoming Pack Events 

COMPASSJAM!: Saturday, November 4th, 10-11:30am, New Council Ring/Wood End 

Who We Are

Pack 702 is a family pack (boys and girls as of fall 2018) chartered out of Old South Methodist Church in Reading, MA. Our scouts mostly attend Birch Meadow and Wood End elementary schools. We have programs from Kindergarten to Grade 5, and we encourage our scouts to cross over into Troop 702.

Pack 702 is family-centered and outdoor activity -oriented. Family-centered means that siblings are almost always welcome and parents are encouraged to stay and participate. We are outdoor activity oriented in that we don't have traditional "pack meetings." Our gatherings are mostly outdoor activities. Our motto is, "We never do anything so boring that all we can think to call it is 'meeting'."

Cub Scout Service

How Scouting Works

"Scouting is simply a group of families that get together and agree to help raise each other's kids using a proven outdoor-oriented curriculum."  --Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive, Spirit of Adventure Council

A den consists of four to ten scouts in the same  grade level. In Pack 702, dens gather once a month on average, as decided between the den leaders and the den parents.

The pack is the sum of all the dens, grades, K-5. The pack holds a larger event once or twice a month.

The family is the basis of scouting. Many of the activities are designed to be completed at home. Each Lion (Kindergarten) and Tiger (Grade 1) is always accompanied by a parent at Cub Scout events. For grade 2 and up, two leaders must be present with the den at all times, but the best dens are those where most of the parents keep coming and participating. Siblings are welcome at Den and Pack events. 

What We Do

The mission of the BSA is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.




Scouting is designed to teach and develop each scout through required activities, such as “participate in a service project with your den” or “perform a skit at a pack camp fire.” Cub scouting events are designed that the advancement occurs naturally during fun and fulfilling activities, so that they almost forget they are completing requirements. Scouts earn “belt loop” awards for completing “adventures” of 4-6 requirements.  Each year, the scouts complete seven adventures and advance to the next rank (grade level). 

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